1520 S. Harper Court.

Momentum Art Tech Presents: “Permanent Record: Chicago Hip Hop Kulture” at the UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO, 1520 E. HARPER COURT Building, November 18-20th 2016. This three day event will showcase the evolution of ’90s Chicago Hip Hop through an interactive exhibit displaying the elements of Hip Hop culture (graffiti, break-dancing, rapping, and DJing). Members of Momentum were one of the revolutionary graffiti crews deeply involved in the Hip Hop culture in Chicago in the ’90s. We invite past and present members of the local Hip Hop community, as well as friends, to come to the exhibit.


The purpose of the “Permanent Record: Chicago Hip Hop Kulture” show is to spread knowledge of the elements of Hip Hop. Using knowledge, the unspoken 5th element of hip-hop, we will inform the public about the key pioneers and innovators that started the movement in Chicago, and how they influenced later generations. Additionally, this gallery show seeks to give Hip Hop the status and recognition it deserves as a culture, from it’s history and art. Through weekend programming, “Permanent Record” will allow the public to learn about each element of Hip Hop individually. All four components, rapping, DJing, graffiti, and b-boying will be featured in the show through art, pictures, interviews, clothing, posters, and music of the ‘90s. All three days will be free. We will also be showing the movie “Shake the Dust”, produced by Nas, in Harper Theatre.


Some of our collaborating groups:

MOMENTUM ART TECH // Artistic Bombing Crew //

Various Chicago artists that were key members of the 90s Hip Hop movement.


The opening reception will be held on Friday November 18th, 2016 from 7pm-8pm, and will be open to the general public. The gallery will be open on Friday November 18th from 6pm-9pm, Saturday the 19th from 12pm-9pm, and Sunday the 20th from 12pm-5 pm.


The gallery is located at the UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO, 1520 E. HARPER COURT Building.

All events, workshops, and discussion panels will be held at there as well.


Friday 11/18

7-8PM dj ron ron

8-9PM dj nobles

9-10PM DJ pns

Saturday 11/19

5-7PM dj moz d

7-8PM dj illinoize

Sunday 11/20